Kitchen Styles

The kitchen is probably one of the most important and hardworking multi functional spaces in the house. Its also one of the biggest expenses so you want to make sure that you choose one that is going to stand the test of time and not be bored of in a year or 2.

There are numerous kitchen styles and designs out there to choose from and it can be be a bit overwhelming when you 1st decide to re do your own space. With that in mind I thought  I would help guide you with me easy explanation of all the different kitchen styles out there and help explain what each one is. Although many of these kitchens in these images are bespoke pieces and are incredibly expensive there are many elements you can take and use in your own home, just because you have a lower budget doesn't mean you should have to compromise on style.

Many of the big kitchen companies such as Howdens, Wicks, Ikea, B&Q etc have their own versions of these and you can easily create something unique to you.

See below for the 4 most common kitchen styles out there: 


Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchens are characterised by their sleek, clean lines in modern materials such as concrete, gloss, steel and laminate. A minimal colour palette is used and they are generally neutral in colour, most colour is brought in by the use of artwork or carefully placed accessories.

They are un cluttured and minimalist in their design and feature high functioning and modern gadgets such as induction cooktops, built in coffee makers and minimalist cooker hoods.

The lighting is also either of the very discreet variety, hidden underneath hung cabinets and lots of spots or they feature architectural lighting fixtures.

Contemporary kitchens don't have to be cold white spaces, by introducing warm materials such as wood and metal you can create a very inviting but also practical space.



Traditional Kitchens

Traditional styles such as this ‘Shaker’ Kitchens, have traditional elements such as Belfast sinks, wooden worktops and inset paneled painted cabinets and are characterised by their clean simple lines. This style is unpretentious with all the emphasis on the quality craftmanship rather than elaborate decoration or fussy detailing

This style of kitchen suits any type of property, from country cottages through to grand houses and have a resemblance to many of the traditional working kitchens found in large country homes.

A shaker kitchen is very versatile and with the right accessories and hardware can also have an industrial or modern feel and the main bonus about a painted kitchen such as this is if you eventually get bored of it you can easily paint the cabinet fronts



Freestanding Kitchens

Freestanding kitchens are essentially ones that are made up of lots of Independent fixtures, it can create an eclectic look and is easy to create an Individual kitchen. Freestanding kitchens give you the opportunity to move pieces about if needed and to add on extra storage or replace elements on an ad hoc basis.

This sort of style would suit a house that has wonky walls in which fitting cabinetry would be difficult.

Freestanding kitchens can be a cost effective way to create a kitchen as it can be sourced from flea markets or through upcycling old bits of furniture. 


 Country Kitchens

A country style kitchen is one that represents a rural farmhouse type design. There are lots of traditional elements within this kitchen such as panelled wooden doors, wooden worktops and many will feature  classic components such as AGA’s, Islands and Dressers on which crockery is displayed.

They usually come in a muted palette of creams, pastels, blues and soft greys along side wood. The cabinet fronts are quite often panelled and feature simple door handles in turned wood or simple hardware

All the elements that make up a country kitchen are warm, tactile and inviting where the kitchen is seen as the heart of the home and take their inspiration from English style kitchens, French farmhouse and rustic Tuscan kitchens



This list of kitchen styles is by no means exhaustive and within each style you can get further categories such as, modern industrial, modern rustic, eclectic, Scandi, modern country etc etc. the list goes on but these are a good starting point for when you are wanting to research your own kitchen design . 

If you are considering a new kitchen and would like some help with your designs or just helping you decide which style you would like then please feel free to contact me.

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